Purposeful Acts

Grow Plant Protien

This year I grew drying beans. Plant protein! These are black turtle beans. Delicious in chili, stews and soup.


Homemade Soap

Using local and organic ingredients like pork tallow, I have made five kinds of homemade soap. I love blending the essential oils! These are for gifts and for home use. 97 bars made, for about 6 hours of work.

Rendering Pork Fat for Soap

This is pork fat, from a local farmer's market vendor (Sunworks Farm). I am melting it down in a slow cooker, to use for homemade soap. Local farmer, local ingredients , local soap!

Upcycled Doll Clothes

Here are some fancy doll dresses made from one of my shirts. They have been upcycled with love for the little girls in my life.

Chicken Stock

I like to buy local organic chicken from the Farmer's Market.  It is free range, certified humane and low on food miles.  However, since you get what you pay for, it is more expensive.  I compensate by stretching one bird... Continue Reading →

Garden Potatoes

Potatoes are a great investment in garden square footage.  Pound for pound, you get a lot of food for the space planted.  Plus they are so easy to grow.   It is January, and I still have stores of potatoes... Continue Reading →

Planning the Garden

Every year I plant a garden.   Every year I try and grow as much food as I can on the small piece of land allotted to me and my family.  I start seeds in the winter, and when they... Continue Reading →

Second Hand

To be more mindful of the items we use, and the energy it takes to make and ship them, can lead you through the doors of a second hand store.  Less waste, less energy, less resources. Today I enjoyed a... Continue Reading →

Strathcona Farmer’s Market

This is my favourite market.  So many vendors, such variety, open year round...  I love a market that can offer most foods - meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread and other baked goods.  There are also some amazing treats that you can't... Continue Reading →

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