This is my favourite market.  So many vendors, such variety, open year round…  I love a market that can offer most foods – meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread and other baked goods.  There are also some amazing treats that you can’t find anywhere else – like homemade pickles, perogies, hummus and jam.  Plus it has such a great vibe.  Musicians playing, face painting, people shopping with cloth bags…

Peas on Earth is an organic vegetable producer.  Today I bought garlic.

Local food is important to me.  I want my food to travel a few miles, not across oceans and continents, to get to me.  I want to support local farmers.  I want to help build food security and resiliency.

Sunworks is my go to vendor for meat and eggs. Not only are they organic and free run, they are also certified humane by the SPCA. They invite all their customers to their farm in September, to come see the chickens and check everything out.