Every year I plant a garden.   Every year I try and grow as much food as I can on the small piece of land allotted to me and my family.  I start seeds in the winter, and when they break ground it always seems magical.  Something so small, turns into something so big, so important, so treasured.  Food.

The first step is planning.  What do I want to grow, and where in the backyard will it go?  How many plants of each type of vegetable, and which varieties?  This leads me to my seed stash.


Then to the garden catalogs.


This year I am going to grow more drying beans, I am going to move my strawberry patch to a sunnier location and I am going to try floating row covers on my brassicas (kale, broccoli, kohlrabi) to avoid the pests.  Less zucchini.  Less squash.  More snap peas.  Garlic this time, and leeks too.  Less carrots as we are still drowning in them.

And as always, more tomatoes.