Purposeful Acts



Garden Potatoes

Potatoes are a great investment in garden square footage.  Pound for pound, you get a lot of food for the space planted.  Plus they are so easy to grow.   It is January, and I still have stores of potatoes... Continue Reading →


Planning the Garden

Every year I plant a garden.   Every year I try and grow as much food as I can on the small piece of land allotted to me and my family.  I start seeds in the winter, and when they... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Garden: growing community

About three years ago I had a dream of starting a community garden in my neighbourhood.  I wanted to be an advocate for growing food, to demonstrate to others what a wonderful experience it can be and how it helps... Continue Reading →

Backyard Herbs

One garden box in my yard is dedicated herbs.  I grow parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano there, and also grow dill and mint (contained).  Cooking dinner in the summer involves dashing outside for a bunch of basil or a... Continue Reading →

Bowl of Cherries

Three years ago I bought a cherry tree.  I had no idea how I could cram it into my already crowded yard, but I bought it anyway.  I had picked cherries the year before, and loved them, and knew I... Continue Reading →

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